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A new Breban paper in English Language and Linguistics

Tine Breban’s new paper in English Language and Linguistics is now available on First View. The paper, which is called Proper names as modifiers: a comprehensive functional analysis, looks at linguistic constructions such as The Bush administration, or the new Breban paper, in which a proper name is used as a modifier with identifying function (Which new paper? The new Breban paper!).

In this paper, she proposes an alternative analysis of identifying proper names, which “is framed within Halliday’s (1994) functional model of the English noun phrase, but radically thinks beyond the typical association of functions with word classes (see also Rijkhoff 2009)”. The featured image shows the layered model of the noun phrase as set out by Jan Rijkhoff. If you are interested in checking out the Breban treatment of the Rijkhoff NP model, have a look at the PDF which is…

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