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Competitive stirring

Nothing can be achieved without active usage. No matter how much information one possesses or how nice the flavours one has at one’s disposal, it is essential to stir up what one has in the bowl and put them in good order. This is the essence of Active knowledge, which is a step forward from Passive knowledge. It is of course not easy to keep moving and get one’s flavours going, since this requires a huge amount of mental energy, but nonetheless it is absolutely vital that we get to grips with what we have and use them appropriately. I have argued before that failure is the mother of success and that it is often at times of desperation that one learns to move and improve, not necessarily because people are masochistically sadistic enough to want to force themselves into such a laborious process of self-improvement but more because they have to in order to keep up with the flow, to finish some unfinished business, or, in some extreme cases, to survive. Environment, therefore, has a huge stirring effect on one’s development, and many of our attributes can be traced back to our early life experiences and reactions to some of the difficult situations that we once found ourselves in. It has been established since Darwin that human qualities are a complex mixture of nature and nurture i.e. innate qualities and external stimuli. Our inborn faculties determine and condition our biological growth throughout our lives, but the way we steer the course of our lives depends on a whole host of internal and external factors, namely what happened to us, what we experienced, how we reacted to those experiences, and how we decided to move forward. In the analogy of the clutch, the clutch plates rotate the car wheels while the clutch itself is fueled by the engine. We have it in us to stir what we know and make it into something beautiful through creativity, yet oftentimes we also need to be given a little push by being stirred by our environment in order to bring out the best in ourselves. Now and as ever, don’t give up.

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