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Empty bottles

I rarely let people into my abode, since in addition to being intensely private, I am kind of embarrassed to let people see how messy my place is, with books/notes and various bits and pieces lying everywhere. I guess I should clean up more and give myself some space for manouevre, but alas cleaning up is one of my biggest sins for procrastination. It is especially bad during flat inspections when my landlord routinely visits to check that everything is OK. I don’t blame him for doing this for it is a legal requirement, but I do feel sympathy for his having to climb through the mountain of debris that lies between the door and the main living area. Recently, he commented to me that he was intrigued by the number of Lucozade bottles that lied scattered in my flat, since in every single visit he would find empty bottles littered everywhere. It is true that I drink a lot of Lucozade as a source of energy (physical and mental), since it is deliciously and wonderfully replenishing, but I have not given much thought to the fact that there are indeed a lot of empty bottles lying around in my apartment. I guess this has to do with my habit of wanting to drink Lucozade cold and fresh, and since it is impossible to finish one bottle in one go, I often leave many warm Lucozade bottles half-full and pick a new bottle freshly extracted from my wonderful fridge. This has made me realise that I probably appreciate Lucozade more for its icy freshness than for its overall sweetness, since even if the amount of glucose and flavour remain constant, Lucozade is still best served when fresh out of the fridge with a bit of icy chillness attacking my gastronomic senses, and nothing beats a gulp of icy-cold drink. I like this analogy, since it kind of rings true with the way I work. I have mentioned before my need for switching tasks since I often get bored of a particular task after staring at it for too long and badly need a change of scenario, and when I re-visit the task after a brief detour, I come back at it with so much more freshness that I feel that I can conquer it once and for all. Energy drinks really do replenish my system, especially when served fresh.

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