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Meaning of numbers (12)

I wrote on my previous blog that I had a terrifying day with a highly ominous number (44) looming over me from the start of the day (though part of the motivational message was that I managed to find hope in my situation through different numerical combinations). Yesterday, another strange portent occurred to me in the form of numbers, but it was a positive one. Whenever I leave the house, I always count the number of items I carry, since I am paranoid with losing things, and last night I went out carrying six items with me. I always try to avoid carrying four (4) or seven (7) items, since, as explained before, these two numbers carry bad luck in our Chinese superstition. Six (6), on the other hand, is a rather beautiful number that I have always liked, and I have no problem taking six belongings with me whenever I go out. As I was returning home, however, I was notified of the arrival of a new package for me, which left me somewhat anxious, since taking in an extra item in addition to the six that I was already carrying would make it seven things that I would have had to carry (6+1=7), which is a bad numerical sign. When I got to the lodge, however, they told me that I had actually received two packages, which made it eight (8) things in my possession. That was a relief for me, not only because I avoided the number seven (7), but also because eight (8) is a highly propitious number in our culture. As explained before, the numerical alternations between good fortune (e.g. 6, 8) and bad omen (e.g. 7) can be very fine, and on this occasion it seems that I managed to avoid seven (7) and stick with six (6) and eight (8). It was my lucky day.

PS: I should also mention that this is my twelfth (12) post on numbers, which is one of my favourite numbers. My next post is going to be my thirteenth (13) one though, which I am really dreading. Until then.

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