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Meaning of numbers (14)- blessing

I mentioned last time that I was going through a rough superstitional phase in that I was in the process of publishing my 13th and 14th blog about numbers when these two numbers were highly ill-omened both in the West and in the East. I therefore pleaded for some luck to drive me through this difficult period, which I received in my previous post, and that was such an amazing stroke of fortune that I am still incredulous about it. Another thing happened just now which amazes me equally. I was doing my usual grocery shopping on Sainsbury’s (my favourite grocery store in the U.K.) and I happened to make the following order:

I used a discount voucher of 12 GBP for this particular purchase, and those of you who are regular Sainsbury’s customers as well will know that in order to qualify for grocery vouchers, one has to exceed a minimum sum. On this occasion, the minimum criterion was 100 GBP which I had to exceed, yet I did not want to go too far above the threshold than necessary. I hence decided to go just over the 100 GBP limit and ended up with a trolley worth 105.50 GBP. To my surprise, it turned out that my trolley contained numerous discounted items which brought my purchase down by 18 GBP: 105.50 – 18.00 = 87.50 GBP. This, along with the carrier bag charge (0.40) and delivery cost (1.00), rounded up as 88.90 GBP, to which my voucher was finally added on, which brought my purchase down further by 12 GBP: 88.90 – 12.00 = 76.90. As explained before, combinations of eight 8 are extremely propitious in our cultural superstition and the fact that I got 18 GBP savings which brought my original trolley down to 88.90 GBP is just breathtaking, especially since all of this was unintentional (I promise!). Furthermore, the 12 GBP deduction was just the icing on the cake, since twelve 12 is another favourite number of mine. This is truly a blessing, and I am glad that I have managed to get through my fourteenth (14) post on numbers (relatively) unscathed. I should be safe for a while, since, as mentioned before, post-14 is pretty smooth. So glad to have survived this rough period. One does not always get this lucky (in fact, one rarely has so much luck in times of crises and desperation). Looks like Lady Luck was finally smiling upon me this time. If only she had favoured me before! Let’s hope that she continues to smile upon me for a little longer. 

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