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Meaning of numbers (15)- different beliefs

I just came across this and thought that I must share this:

‘Unlike most people, Taylor (Swift) considers “13” her lucky number in that she was born on the 13th, turned 13 on Friday the 13th, her first album turned Gold in 13 weeks and her first #1 song d a 13-second intro.’

‘At many of her concerts she comes out with a Minnesota Vikings jersey with the #13 on the back. The Vikings had it specially made for her.’

I pointed out before that the number thirteen 13 was an unlucky number in western Christian culture and it is certainly a number that I have tried to avoid. It turns out, however, there are people like Taylor Swift who likes this number for personal reasons and maximises exposure to it (see above). She is a brave girl, much braver than me. I think I’ll stick with eight 8, eleven 11 and twelve 12 for the moment. Although I am no Christian, I wish her all the best of luck in all her endeavours. With a voice as powerful as hers, I am sure that she can handle all that comes before her.

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