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Meaning of numbers (16)

It has been a while, dear numerologists! I am so glad to be back on the numbers front, though as I mentioned before, I am now on a rather smooth end as far as numbers are concerned, so there is less need to explore the significance of numbers and get myself hyped-up by all the numbers in my life. That said, however, as we are now nearing the end of 2017 (best wishes for the festive period and New Year’s!), I have been getting a bit restless of late, not only of all the things that need to be completed before the 31st December 2017, but also of all the omens that may have some bearing on my fortunes in the new year. Unsurprisingly, I have been made anxious by every and any signs of the number four 4, like in my inbox this morning which contained forty-four (44) unread messages. Not to panick, I immediately went through them and filtered out all the useless messages (solicitations for money by the US Democratic Party in their fight against Trump, various charity reports and reviews on my activities this year, numerous political flyers that looked pretty but had little substance etc). When I moved all of these messages and those in my spam folder to the recycle bin, I discovered that I had twenty-six (26) useful messages left, which is not bad at all, since it seems that I had deleted eighteen (18) messages and had a combination of eighteen (18) and eight (8) left (18 + 8 = 26), which is a fantastic numeric combination. What seemed like an ominous sign I transformed it into a propitious one. You may say that I am cheating by deliberately removing all the negatives in my life and hereby creating favourable numbers through deceitful manipulation (though I assure you that none of this was deliberate in that I really did have eighteen messages that I did not want in my inbox and wish I had not received), but there is nothing wrong in forcing the negatives out of one’s life and making one’s own luck, especially when times are tough and the situation is bleak one cannot rely purely on chance and has to take a more pro-active approach. Desperation and anxiety should always spur us on to dare to do what we have always dreamed of doing rather than discourage us from our hopes and dreams, and it is precisely in difficult situations that we discover the best in ourselves. It has been a strangely positive year for us, and many difficulties lie ahead in our quest for global peace and stability. Let’s keep up our fight for an even better (and stranger!) year ahead. See you on the other side.

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