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Meaning of numbers (18)

I have come to love the numbers 92 and 96. As explained last time, these two numbers are can be interpreted in different ways, either as 100-8=92 or 100-4=96, both of which can be seen optimistically as fortune-bearing. There are many more reasons for loving these numbers. As explained before, eight 8 is twice of four 4 (4+4=8), which symbolises the famous dictum that success (8) is the result of repeated failure (4+4) (‘fall down once, get up twice’). Since eight 8 is such an important number in Chinese culture, which extends to homophones like a hundred 100, it is interesting to note that between 88 and 100 there are increments of four 4 which form a series of magical numbers: 88, 92, 96, 100. One may also note that the multiples of eight 8 here (88, 96) are extremely good in that they are the eleventh (11) and twelfth (12) multiples of eight 8 respectively, both of which are also beautiful numbers. Looks like the run from 88 to 100 through loops of 4 is pretty exciting. Although the average life-expectancy in first world countries nowadays lies somewhere between 79-82 y.o., it is not uncommon for people to reach 90+ y.o.. In my case, I shall hope that my health keeps up and that I’ll be able to reach the 88-100 territory, which should be the best time of my life. After all, age is only a number, not an attribute. Live life to the fullest!

PS this is my eighteenth 18 post about the meaning of numbers, another ominous sign. 😉

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