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Meaning of numbers (22): 69

I was sifting through my notes last night. Those of you who know me will know that I tend to be quite messy in the arrangement of my personal space, not that I cannot be bothered to put things in order (though there is probably an element of sloth in my daily routine), but that I prefer to leave things where they are and not shelf them away so that I would not need to dig through my archives to find them again. With my notes, there are always stacks of paper lying around which makes manouevring in my room somewhat difficult (though not impossible). Another thing about having so many stacks of paper is that although I always try my best to put them in good order and not misplace a single page of one document in the pile of another, the flipping of pages is inevitable and my notes are often placed upside down. This does not bother me at all as it does not cause any inconvenience to me or my work, though it can be quite amusing finding some inverted page numbers to which to match corresponding page numbers. Last night, I chanced upon an inverted page number sixty-nine 69 in my dishevelled pile of notes which got me looking for a corresponding page sixty-eight 68 which I found in the close vicinity. This all seems fine except that usually inverted page numbers do not match their consecutive page numbers, which in this case (68… 69) they surprisingly did. I then looked closer and realised that sixty-nine 69 rotated 180 degrees still looks like sixty-nine 69, which is rare in Egyptian numerals. I immediately got interested in finding out which other numbers/digits could be inverted and still look the same and I came up with zero 0 and eight 8, which is obvious since their symmetrical circular shape naturally retains its form on rotation, but the numbers six 6 and nine 9 are truly unusual since they actually correspond to the other on rotation (6 > 9, 9 > 6). The double digits (69, 96), therefore, retain the same shape when rotated half-turn (69 > 69, 96 > 96), which is fascinating. The numerical relationship between sixty-nine 69 and ninety-six 96 is clear, as it is a classic case of numerical inversion which creates a difference of the product of nine 9 and their difference ((9-6)*9=27). Their symmetry on rotation also shows perhaps some non-mathematical relationship, though it may not be coincidental that the numbers six 6 and nine 9 look so similar on rotation as they are products of three. The number ninety-six 96 is also a beautiful one, as it is part of an amazing sequence between eighty-eight 88 and one hundred 100, not to mention a product of eight 8 and twelve 12, both important numbers in numerology. So nice!

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