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Motion sickness

I hate motion sickness, which I often get whenever I am travelling by sea (though oddly enough, I have very little problem with vehicles or planes, which is a relief as I travel by land and air very often and I would not want to throw up on every single trip that I go). It is hard to explain my motion sickness, which is probably a family trait, but one thing I have noticed is that I generally dislike the feeling of moving, let it be the change in pressure or the shift in momentum or whatever the physics behind it may be. I think most people prefer the state of being still, let it be lying down or sitting up (or any posture one likes), and I am no exception, as like most people I too like procrastinating, which is very annoying. It is nice to be still in a comfortable position, since your entire system (both physical and mental) is at rest, whereas being on the move always requires energy and effort, which drains the power and life out of you. That said, however, it is only by moving that we get things done. Unless one possesses some kind of magic power, nothing can be done by just staying still, and in order to achieve one’s goals and meet one’s objectives, one has to keep moving, moving and moving, which is why we learn the most when we are placed in difficult situations, since it is only in adversity that one is motivated to move and realise one’s potential. The more one moves, the more one gets done, painful it may be. This seems to be the only way forward. Perhaps we should all try to love the pain, enjoy the movement, and let the experience become part of us. As the old saying goes, ‘no pain, no gain.’ Keep moving everyone.

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