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Necessity for change

Procrastination. One of the most hated words in the English language, in my opinion, since it is a horrible sin that many of us seem to succumb to. Yet sometimes it is really difficult to bring oneself to do something, since initiating something new does require a lot of mental energy. It is perhaps far more effective to be externally motivated rather than self-motivated, since our circumstances define our attributes and being in those circumstances gives us new qualities. I lost my bank card today. I am usually very cautious with these things since they are very important but for some reason I could not find my bank card. I hence searched my flat thoroughly, turning every corner and putting all my belongings in neat piles. I eventually found my card. It had slipped under the bed. The relief I had when I recovered my card was immense, but I was more surprised by how neat my flat looked. For the first time in weeks (if not months) my flat looks neat and tidy, all because I was finally motivated to tidy it up after losing my bank card. Looks like being in a bad situation is not so bad after all, since it can lead to positive results and our response to adversity forces us to do things that we would not have done in the first place. Don’t give up.

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