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I have mentioned several times before that procrastination is one of the biggest, most common sins in the adult world, and we all do it to a certain extent, delaying things which should have been done long ago and giving ourselves all kinds of excuses for doing so. Indeed, it does take a huge amount of mental strength and discipline to finally get oneself to engage with something that just looks so hard and complicated, especially if it is not urgent and can be put off as far back as possible. As before, I have no secret on how to conquer procrastination. All I say to myself is this: ‘Do it now or do it later. The task does not get any easier when dealt with on another occasion (in fact, most tasks only get worse and more complicated as time goes on). Either face it now or face it later, and the advantage of facing it now is that you can relieve yourself of all the practical complications and focus on some other task. Now or later.’ That is all I say to myself to get things done now rather than later. Things that need to be done need to be done sooner or later. Just do it now and don’t stop until you are satisfied with what you have done and are finally finished with it. Don’t give up.

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