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Slow multitasking

I have written before how I like multitasking, despite popular opinion against using it, and I have written several times before how slow and thorough preparation leads to genuine quality. The former habit may be controversial to some (many), but the latter should be relatively easy to understand. Recently, I have tried combining these two techniques and have discovered some great benefits. I have had a busy yet fun time designing my personal webpage (for those of you who do not know, I have launched my personal webpage which is up and running and is constantly undergoing revisions in accordance with the news in my life), and while creating my own personal webspace is a hugely gratifying experience, the actual process of making it is really quite complex. I shan’t bore my readers with the technical details here, but for those of you who are familiar with computational terms, HTML and https are both very useful codes to use on any internet domain, since they are both standard tools for connecting your webpage to another website online. The difficulty here is, in addition to the writing of the codes, they are often difficult to load, since although these codes are embedded in your cyber-domain, they contain external links to another website for which a real-time connection needs to be established. I like HTML and https, since not only are they useful for the reasons given above, they also look very beautiful (if correctly written) and can serve as nice decorations on one’s webpage. I have tried to insert as many of them as I can to breathe some life into my webpage. However, the more codes I put in, the slower it gets to load them, since a page full of such codes is extremely difficult to load, let alone to make. I have had some trouble embedding HTML and https into my website lately, since it is frustrating waiting for minutes (if not hours) for the code-patches to load when I just want to be done with them. However, all this unwanted waiting-time has actually given me rather a lot of time to do some other things, since, as mentioned before, there are always things waiting for me to do, and rather than wait for one thing to finish, it is much more efficient to start on another thing and let the first thing to take care of itself. This way what was initially a time-wasting congestion has turned out to be a constructive use of time, since by multitasking i.e. doing several things simultaneously by alternating between them, I can actually get a lot more done and much quicker. I frequently hear stories about multitasking being inefficient and unproductive in the modern age, and there may be a lot of cognitive basis for these criticisms, but from a practical point of view keeping our lives constantly moving by getting several things going at the same time may be the best use of our time. Well worth trying.

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