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Slow stab

Chris Nolan’s ‘Batman Trilogy’ is truly a masterpiece. There are countless memorable scenes and iconic moments which are just unforgettable for Batman fans. I am not a Batman/DC comic fan myself but I did enjoy watching them immensely, with the many levels of comic fantasy imbued with realism and the moving, almost tragic, struggle of the main character both on a personal and societal level. This is a fantastic franchise and Nolan’s ‘Batman’ will always be right up there among the best comic book adaptations of all time. There is one scene which has recently re-surfaced in my mind (spoilers- people who haven’t yet seen Nolan’s Batman, you may want to turn away now and stop reading…!), and that is the moment where Talia al Ghul reveals herself to be the daughter and successor to Ra’s al Ghul and fatally stabs Batman on the ribs. This is a climactic and suspenseful moment, and Talia chillingly says, ‘You see, it’s the slow knife…the knife that takes its time. The knife…that waits years without forgetting…then slips quietly between the bones. That’s the knife…that cuts deepest.’ This correlates with what I said in my previous post about taking things slow and doing them thoroughly, since it is through patience, focus and caution that we achieve genuine quality. Not only does one have to constantly sharpen one’s knife and practise the art of stabbing, one also has to aim at one’s goal with patience and precision and then spring at it at the right time. This hunting/predator approach may be the most effective way in catching what we want, and this can only be achieved through slow preparation and long-term planning. Short-term and last-minute panicking, which is sometimes inevitable in our very busy lives, only causes rashness and carelessness, whereas careful and sustained planning can allow us to stab with exactitude. Let’s all take our time and make our best stab at the things that we have always wanted. As always, don’t give up.

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