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Tetris. A classic game which many of us have played probably at some point in our childhood. I have been playing it a lot these days, mainly as a source of diversion and relief from my work, as I imagine many of us do too by sneaking into our app games every now and then just to escape from our stressful lives. I am no expert in Tetris and my scores are not particularly high. My games are not always fluent, and I often end up with many unfinished lines that cannot accrue any points. These unfinished lines are so frustrating (and annoying), since they make me feel stuck in my game. One very interesting thing that I have noticed though is that once I break one of these lines, the whole structure collapses and all the other unfinished lines tend to follow. Also, the more unfinished lines there are, the bigger the score I earn. This strikes me as being a metaphor on life. How many times have we encountered failures in life? How many times do we feel frustrated by the lack of prospects and opportunities? How many times do we feel stuck by brick-walls that seem so insuperable? Yet once we overcome one of these obstacles, we may suddenly expericence a floodgate of opportunities, possibilities that never seemed possible before suddenly reveal themselves to us. Also, the more obstacles and problems we have encountered up to this point, the more gratifying it feels when these floodgates are opened. Sometimes all we need to make it in life is just one breakthrough, and all the rest will follow. Such is the metaphor of Tetris. Don’t give up.

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