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Tetris 2

I have enjoyed playing Tetris since I was a little boy, and now that I am re-playing it as an adult, many new ideas and sensations emerge whenever I play this game. The new version of Tetris is much more high-tech and interactive than the original Gameboy version I played as a child and it has a new device called ‘multiplier’, which multiplies the number of points scored (measured by the number of lines cleared), and as more lines are cleared, the index of this ‘multiplier’ increases. The typical trajectory of points in this version of Tetris, therefore, is exponential, as points are accumulated at an increasing rate. In many ways, this resembles the typical process of man’s work. At the beginning, it is always difficult to find one’s feet and progress is always slow. As one gets used to the task, however, one gradually gets used to its demands and one’s progress begins to accelerate. One is eventually relieved by the fact that one’s work feels ‘smoother’, and it only gets better and better. Towards the end, one is almost rushing towards completing the task, not only because one is now most familiar with the task at hand and knows what exactly needs to be done, but also because one has deadlines to meet and cannot afford to lose time. Such is the typical process of man’s work, at least in my experience, and I find it strikingly similar to Tetris. The key, therefore, is not to get frustrated or bogged down by the seemingly hard nature of the task or the slow progress that one is making at the beginning. Rather, one has to stick to the task until one finds a breakthrough, after which the obstacles get smaller and smaller until achieving one’s objectives becomes an inevitability, which I discussed before. With strength, patience and perseverance, one can achieve one’s goals. Don’t give up.

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