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Yesterday I went to London to take care of some business. It was a very pleasant day, since, despite of all the complicated issues that I had to face, I have always enjoyed going to London, one of the liveliest and most dynamic cities in the world. I arrived at London Victoria to sort my issues out in the morning, and then I had an appointment at a venue near St John’s Wood at the end of the afternoon. I naturally took the Jubilee line on which Victoria and St John’s Wood were only four stations apart. I oversat, however, and did not realize it until I had reached Finchley Road, one stop beyond my destination. I therefore had to backtrack from Finchley Road to St John’s Wood, which was very easy and no problem at all. As I lighted on the platform of Finchley Road, a strange sense of dejavú struck me and I seemed to recognize my surroundings. I immediately looked around me and lingered around the station for a bit (I had loads of time on my hands). I suddenly realized that this was where I had used to have my haircuts at a local barber’s whenever I was staying in London during school breaks (half-terms etc). It must have been at least ten years since I had last been to Finchley Road, and the sensation I got when I accidentally set foot on the platform there reminded me of quite a few things from my adolescence. It was a fascinating experience, all due to my mistake of over-sitting my journey. I have always been a fan of spontaneity and unexpected surprises, since although I love having routine and structure in my life, I never plan too far ahead and anticipate events that are nowhere in sight. Yesterday was one such experience, and the pleasure I got from it was immense. I have mentioned before on social media how I love visiting London with its skyscrapers, historical-cultural foundations and large avenues, and being in London yesterday rejuvenated me quite a bit. I am going to London again next week to follow up some business as well as attending an Old Boys’ event. I am really looking forward to it!

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