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Charity work

​ I am a member and sponsor for charity organisations that offer aid and support to people in need in the world, namely ChristianAid, Crisis, WaterAid, Unicef, NSPCC, UNESCO, Children with Cancer and GoFundMe. I also believe in protecting our planet and the environment from human mass contamination and consumption and have participated in campaigns organised by PETA, SeaWorld and Greenpeace. My greatest charitable work is my role as an activist for human rights with, and Global Citizens, as we fight for improving standards of living and ensuring equality for underprivileged groups throughout the world. Lastly, I am a child sponsor for ActionAid, and the child I am sponsoring is a boy from Myanmar (Burma) called Win Min Oo (see below) who regularly sends me greetings and updates on his education (funded largely by me).

On this page, I outline my charity work and participation with various organisations that seek to protect our world: 

Christian Aid

In December 2014, I participated in a fundraising event organised by Christian Aid at Selby Abbey, not far from where I was at the time (York). It was a very nice event where two school choirs performed with angelic voices. It was pretty cold, but the prospect of doing charitable work warmed our hearts. Nice intro to the Festive season. 

Keith Tse


It is heartwarming helping other people. Seeing so much turmoil and suffering in the world pains our hearts, and I believe that it is our duty as first world citizens to do our best in trying to help those in need, especially those from impoverished and backwards countries. I am also proud of Win Min, who has come on a lot since I first encountered his profile on ActionAid.  As an academic, I am only too glad to see him flourishing and showing signs of potential which would have been denied to him (and millions other children) if we had not intervened. Let's help make the world a better place not just for the rich but for all, especially the poor masses. 

Children with Cancer

In addition to Christian Aid, I am also a sponsor for the Children with Cancer UK research fund. It pains me to see people suffer from this incurable disease, especially young people who have their entire lives ahead of them and have not yet fully realised their potential. Let's fight cancer together!  

Win Min Oo

This was the invitation letter I got from ActionAid to sponsor Win Min Oo dated quite a while ago: 

I receive letter and photos from my sponsored child, Win Min Oo, via ActionAid every now and then. Here is a recent photo of him (ain't he beautiful). His English is also improving, as seen in his most recent letter to me: 

He draws me pictures too, which is pretty adorable: 

I hope to hear from him again soon! 

Indeed, I have just heard from him (July 2017), and he seems to be doing well, for which ActionAid has sent me some kind words (see below). Many thanks. It is my pleasure to help people (especially children) around the world. 

Just received wonderful news from my favourite child in the world (February 2018). He has even made me this work of art, which is very nice. Best wishes to him for 2018! 

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