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Ground Zero (9/11 Memorial)

Keith Tse


As a sponsor and honorary member of 9/11, Educational Charity (London), I have an intense interest in the issues surrounding that horrific event, which ties in with my interests in international politics and history. I visited the former site of the Twin Towers (Ground Zero) when I was in New York in April 2012 and took the following photos. It was a truly spiritual experience coming to a place in which we had all seen the tragedy unfold. This is in memory of all the victims of 9/11 and their loved ones, and for all those who have suffered in one way or another as a consequence of that fateful day, including Mr Steven Lawn, a former member of my school (Sherborne School): 

9/11 Museum

Before we entered the actual site itself, we went through the memorial museum which contained a lot of first-hand detail and recordings of the events of the day. We all remember the details of the day, but it was very graphically represented in the museum. 

New Twin Towers

As we entered the site, we saw newly erected buildings that were due to be finalised later that year and were to be named the new Twin Towers. 

I think I must have read and watched thousands of books, documentaries and authentic videos/tapes of the events surrounding 9/11, and I am truly amazed by its impact and magnitude. I mentioned on my history/politics page that the French and American Revolutions in the late 18th century (and, to a very large extent, the Russian Revolution at the beginning of the 20th century) were unique in human history in terms of their seismic impact on the world, and 9/11 must be their modern counterpart, since it really has altered human history forever. We are still watching the events unfold with keen interests, though the human price is undeniable. May the victims of the events find peace and solace, and may the struggle not be prolonged any longer than is necessary. 

Ground zero

On the site, there were two fountains built on the ruins of the former Twin Towers. There was also a park in which visitors could sit and recreate. 

Steven Lawn

I have very vivid memories of that day, and I remember distinctly our school announcing that a former pupil had perished in the attacks. His name was Steven Lawn, and every year since our school has organised a public lecture in his honour on 9/11. I always wondered who he was, and it was pleasure to finally meet him. RIP. 

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