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Photos (Manchester)

Here are some photos of my time at Manchester where I studied at the university as a postgraduate student (2009-2010) and worked as a professional linguist (2010-2014). Life only gets harder, yet also more interesting. 

M.A. Graduation, University of Manchester, December 2010

One graduation after another. Here are some of my graduation photos at my M.A. graduation at Manchester. One was taken with some of my coursemates, and the other was taken with Professor David Denison, the world's expert on English historical syntax. What a shame that my M.A. supervisor, Professor Nigel Vincent, could not be there or I would have loved to celebrate my graduation with him. As mentioned, my education at Manchester was transformative and I completed my course totally because of Nigel's expertise and generosity. We were the class of 2010! We shall live forever in the annals of the University of Manchester. 

Lecture at Manchester

Dr Danielle Turton, former coursemate of mine at the University of Manchester, took this photo of me while I was giving a presentation on formal syntax at the Manchester Forum in Linguistics for young scholars and early researchers in October 2012. I was so focused on what I was saying (as shown by my facial expression) that I did not even notice that a photo was taken of me (!). I should be more careful next time in case of paparazzi's etc... thanks for the photo anyway Danielle! My presentation was also chaired by Dr (now Prof) George Walkden, who can be seen sitting on the front role keenly watching me present my ideas, which was somewhat nerve-racking as he is by far the best historical syntactician of our generation. Hope I did not do too badly... It was also at this conference that I met Dr Becky Woods and Dr (now Prof) Michelle Sheehan, both of whom I have kept in touch with at York and Cambridge. I am especially grateful to Michelle for introducing me to Caha's seminal PhD dissertation on K(case), which has played an important part in my work. Going to conferences really is a fantastic opportunity for professional networking! 

Keith Tse


My last class at the Manchester International Society (May 2013)

I taught foreign languages at the Manchester International Society from 2011 to 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed it. It greatly improved my teaching and communicative skills and I can only hope that I made a strong and constructive impact there. Teaching my last class there was emotional for me, and I cherish this class photo very much, as evident in my choice of profile pic (!). 

Manchester Piccadilly (2010-2014)

I have a lot of sentimentality for Manchester, since I spent several formative years of my life there where I completed my postgraduate training (M.A.) and worked for several years where I launched my career as a professional linguist. Decorating my flat was an ordeal, since I seriously did not know what to put in it. Given my education in classics, however, I decided to find some souvenirs of a Latin/Roman flavour and give my flat a 'Roman' feel. Alas, it was not a villa (Latin: luxury countryhouse) but an insula (small block of flats). I went back to Manchester briefly in Summer 2015 as I was returning from my conference presentation in Norway and since I had a bit of time on my hands, I decided to re-visit the magnificent Piccadilly Gardens right in the centre of Manchester which was very close to my former abode and one which I used to frequent everyday. The weather was also glorious, as seen from the photo below, so that was a very happy reunion. Look forward to going back again! 

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