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Photos (Oxford)

Here are some photos of my time at Oxford (2005-2009) and beyond as I maintained my status as an Oxford alumnus. 

Meeting Lord Patten

I met Lord Chris Patten, former and last governor of Hong Kong (where I am from), chancellor of the University of Oxford, and the most distinguished living Balliolite (member of Balliol College, Oxford, my alma mater), at a college event in November 2006. It was a huge pleasure to meet him and his wife (former first lady of Hong Kong), and we had a very interesting conversation of Hong Kong, China, Balliol, Oxford etc. 

Graduation (B.A. > M.A.), University of Oxford, December 2011, May 2012

It was a proud moment of my life. Graduating from my undergraduate institution gave me lots of emotions. I also got to meet our wonderful Vice-Chancellor, Dr Andrew Hamilton. A day to remember. 

Keith Tse


Balliol college, Oxford, June 2010

I went back to my old college at Oxford, Balliol, once in order to bid farewell to my old Latin tutor, Dr Bob Cowan. In this particular event, I also had a long conversation my old Greek tutor, Dr (now Prof) Adrian Kelly. Here are the two of us in this photo. I have been told by Dr Guy Westwood, former Balliol senior of mine, that I was trying to do a Cicero impression in this photo. I can assure him that this was not intentional (!). 

Oxford alumni reunion, Madrid, Spain, March 2013

I attended the Oxford alumni reunion which took place in Madrid, Spain, in April 2013. It was a superb event under beautiful weather. We all met at the residence of the British ambassador in Spain, and there I met some distinguished alulmni of our great university, namely Lord Patten and his wife Lady Lavender again, and also Sir Anthony Kenny, former Master of our college (Balliol). 

Oxford alumni event, Hong Kong, April 2014

I attended two Oxford alumni events in a row in that after the event in 2013 (see above), I also attended the one in 2014, and this time it took place in none other than my native Hong Kong (!). I met lots of important people, as always, including our Chancellor and my Balliol senior, Lord Patten (again- see above; this time he actually remembered me and called me by name), our Vice-Chancellor, Dr Andrew Hamilton (again- see above), with whom I was wearing matching Oxford University ties (!), and our College Master, Sir Drummond Bone, with whom I had a long and interesting chat about the current and future development of our college. It was a very easy trip to get to the venue and participate in the activities. If only these events could happen in Hong Kong every year... 

Balliol/Harvard reunion/networking dinner: 

In November 2016, I was invited back to a Balliol and Harvard Joint Alumni Event which took place at our old college (Balliol). It was a fantastic event, and intermingling with Harvard alumni opened up my horizons since most of those I spoke to seemed to be really interesting people. It is always great to go back to Balliol. It is my second home

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