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Keith Tse


As a global activist, I am constantly invited by grassroot organisations to take part in signing petitions and spread awareness of current sociopolitical issues that need the world's attention. Below are some urgent petitions regarding contemporary issues that require as much support as possible and I earnestly invite your participation: 

In light of recent tragedies, I invite you to take part in our fight for #guncontrol to halt the amount of #gunviolence in the United States. There is nothing more important than protecting innocent lives from thugs and maniacs. #notoguns #wecallBS 

It is fine making donations to charity, but sometimes mere donations are not enough. Sometimes one needs to act, and I have always believed that actions count more than money and words, all of which count for nothing if one is not willing to do something about it. In this regard, online petitions are a good way to start setting things into motion, since the corporate gurus cannot ignore us forever, however powerful and smug they may be. Let's show them the power of the people! 

2017 marked a pivotal year in #gender #equality issues, as the #MeToo movement revealed the dark secrets of Hollywood and unravelled a whole chain of events which have made us reflect on our respective roles in society. I urge you to think twice: 

The #STEM community of science education and research have come under a lot of threat recently with major cuts proposed. I therefore would like to encourage and invite all my visitors to sign the following petitions in defence of our brothers in science: 

A perennial issue is our relationship with our natural habitat, namely #animalrights and #environmentalprotection. I believe that we could be doing much more, since, as mentioned before, we humans are the biggest threat to our planet earth: 

Miscellaneous issues that also require our attention and support: 

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