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I moved house a few years ago, and as we were preparing the move, I was asked to submit recommendations for the design and layout of my room. I remembered having played 'The Sims' in my youth and immediately came up with the idea of drawing my own room using this game, which was pretty fun. Below is my sketch, which reflects my new room very closely (!). 

Keith Tse


I got quite sentimental leaving my old place, since that was where I had grown up. Nonetheless, relocating was definitely the right thing to do for all the practical considerations and logistic reasons that had been plaguing my family for a long time, and designing my own bedroom was just a privilege. I never knew that my (very mediocre, at best) gaming skills could come into use for real-life events- perhaps I should play more games from now on. I have been criticised, however, for not putting enough effort into designing my room, since many of those who knew me thought that I would propose a really extravagant structure with glass panes, high ceilings and marble floor, but instead I drew up a relatively ordinary modern-day bedroom. Not many people know this- and I am indeed a very private person- but I much prefer a simple surrounding when it comes to my private space. No distraction. 

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