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Volunteering experience

Keith Tse 


Apart from my work in languages and linguistics, I have also taken part in activities organised by non-academic institutions. Here is a list of my non-academic affiliations and activities in reverse chronological order: 

Non-academic memberships

2018-present:            Freelance teacher on sofiasquare

2018-present:            Member of Vox Report

2017-present:            Ambassador for University of Oxford on Unicircles (Northern England chapter)

2017-present:            Member of 

2017-present:            Member of The Conversation 

2016-present:            Member of Ideapod

2016-present:            Member of Academia Obscura

2016-present:            Member and Activist for WeMove.EU (United Kingdom) 

2016-present:            Member of Open Britain (United Kingdom) 

2016-present:            Member of the European Movement United Kingdom (United Kingdom) 

2015-present:            Member of Disqus

2015-present:            Member of Wattpad

2015-present:            Member of American Dialect Society (ADS)

2015-present:            Language Associate at Eurolingua Institute

2015-present:            Subscriber and Member of the Vindolanda Charitable Trust

2014-present:            Member of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society (YAS)

2014-present:            Member of the Yorkshire Dialect Society (YDS)

2014-present:            Member of the Northumbrian Language Society

2014-present:            Member of the Lancashire Dialect Society

2014-present:            Member of the Cantonese Association (粵語協會)

2014-present:            Member of the British Archaeological Association (BAA) 

2014-present:            Member of the Asia Society (Hong Kong branch)

2014-present:            Member of the British Library (London)

2014-present:            Member of Unite the Resistance (London) 

2014-present:            Online Subscriber and Activist for 

2014-present:            Student Associate of Chartered Institute of Linguists

2013-present:            Member and Student Associate of Stop the War Coalition (United Kingdom) 

2013-present:            Member, Supporter and Activist of 

2013-present:            Member, Supporter and Activist at Global Citizen

2013-present:            Online Member of Quora

2012-present:            Member Associate of Marxism (Manchester, York and London branches) (United Kingdom)

2012-present:            Life Member and Sponsor of the British Museum (London)

2011-present:            Member of Mensa (United Kingdom and Hong Kong)

2011-present:            Member of the Oxford and Cambridge Club (London)

2011-present:            Member of the Ivy League Alumni Association (Hong Kong)

2011-present:            Member and Mentor of the Manchester Alumni Association

2010-present:            Member of the Manchester University Museum

2010-present:            Member of the Dante Alighieri Society (Società Dante Alighieri)

2009-present:            Alumnus Subscriber to the Oxford Taylorian Library

2009-present:            Member of the Ashmoleum Museum (Oxford) 

2009-present:            Member of the Oxford Classics Faculty Alumni Association

2009-present:            Alumnus Subscriber to the Oxford Bodleian Library

2009-present:            Member and Mentor of the Oxford Alumni Association

2009-present:            Member and Benefactor of the Balliol College Society

Non-academic activities

2015:                           Volunteering English teacher to Catalán speakers at Castellers a Londres (London) 

2015:                           Volunteering English teacher to Hispanic cleaners at United Voices of the World Union (London)

2015:                           Simultaneous interpreting between Spanish and English for United Voices of the World Union


2015:                           Contributor and Editor of 'The Narrator', York English Literary Magazine

                                     (short paper entitled 'Greek tragedy in East Asian literature')

2015:                           Guest Speaker at Since 9/11, Education Charity (London) 

                                     (talk entitled 'War: causes and consequences', 17th July)

2015-present:            Co-editor of the Hong Kong Cantonese dictionary (粵典編輯組

2015:                           Student Organiser and Co-ordinator for 'Stop the War Coalition' conference (London) 

2014-2015:                 Student Administrator and Helper for Unite the Resistance (York University) 

2013:                           Sponsor and Consultant at the Pompeii Exhibition, British Museum (London)

Charity/Humanitarian affiliations

2015-present:            Member and Sponsor for GoFundMe (United Kingdom) 

2014-present:            Member and Sponsor for Human Appeal (United Kingdom) 

2012-present:            Member and Sponsor for Unicef

2012-present:            Member and Sponsor for UNESCO

2011-present:            Member and Sponsor for NSPCC, Organisation for Child Protection and Prevention of Child                                                Abuse (United Kingdom) 

2011-present:            Member and Sponsor (1320610) for Crisis, Charity Organisation for the Homeless

                                     (United Kingdom) 

2011-present:            Member and Sponsor for ChildrenwithCancer (United Kingdom)  

2011-present:            Member and Sponsor for PresentAid (United Kingdom)

2011-present:            Member, Sponsor and Child Sponsor of ActionAid (United Kingdom)

2011-present:            Member and Sponsor for Christian Aid (United Kingdom)

2011-present:            Member and Sponsor (Associate since 2013) of Since 9/11, Education Charity (London)    

2010-present:            Member and Sponsor for WaterAid (United Kingdom)

For more detail, see my charity page. 

Due to my education in the humanities at the University of Oxford, I have a very strong interest in history and culture and have joined several archaeological societies with whom I have taken part in expeditions in western Europe and have looked at a range of epigraphical and archaeological evidence, which ties in with my training in classical philology. My experience in this regard has allowed me to participate in many museum activities, namely analysing and presenting cultural and historical artefacts to members of the public. Indeed, I am a member of numerous museums in the UK, namely the British Museum in London of which I am a lifetime member and sponsor. I took part in their famous Pompeii Exhibition in 2013 where I offered my services in translating and glossing some of the Roman and Oscan graffiti from the remains of Pompeii, some of which I had read before with Dr John Penney at Oxford (!). My interests and expertise in sociolinguistics have also motivated my participation in several dialect societies, and I am currently part of a team of editors for the Cantonese dictionary (粵典編輯組) as we strive to document and preserve our local Cantonese dialects (for which see the following article). All these activities show my willingness and initiative in using my linguistic training for a meaningful and noble cause. Furthermore, I have done voluntary language work for various trade unions in London, which also ties in with my professional objective of using my linguistic expertise and language skills for the benefit of the world. I am also an advocate for Britain to REMAIN in the European Union (OpenBritain, WeMove.EU, European Movement UK), which I believe is much more constructive and healthy for all sides in the long-run. Other than that, I am an active charity worker/fund-raiser, as I am distraught to see so much suffering and desperation in diffferent parts of the world. I wish I could do more. 

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