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Empty bottles (2)

I wrote a while ago that my house was littered with empty Lucozade bottles, which is indeed making it difficult for me to work my way through the already narrow passage that leads me out to the real outside world. Nonetheless, there seems to be no end of it as my residence is continually bombarded with empty bottles produced by none other than myself, which attests to my drinking habits. I would not label these necessarily bad habits, since it is nowhere near as bad as alcohol addiction or some such, though it is kind of annoying as it is disrupting certain aspects of my daily life. It is also not environmentally friendly, as I am a big recycler of plastic and paper, and having such a large quantity of unused plastic in my flat makes me feel somewhat guilty. If I go back to the root cause of the problem, I guess it all has to do with the fact that I am incapable of finishing one bottle of drink in one go, which means that I then have to fetch a new bottle because I like to drink Lucozade cold and fresh. I think many people would agree with me that energy drinks (and healthy ones so Redbull excluded here- I assure you that I have never consumed Redbull in my entire life and have no intention ever to do so) are best served cold since the icy chillness is what stimulates your senses and energises you, and when they lose their ice-cold temperature after being out of the refrigerator for a while, they kind of lose their magic. At this point, I tend to leave them aside and pick a new bottle from the fridge, and this is how the bottles accumulate. I then reach a logical impasse, since it is logically impossible to exhaust unfinished bottles of Lucozade unless I force myself to tolerate subpar dull tastes of it, so I have come up with a new drinking strategy, which is to take a sip from a fresh cold bottle and drink a big gulp from an old bottle along with it. I then quickly return the new bottle to my fridge and keep it fresh and continue to summon it as I work my way through all the warm bottles on my floor. This has proven to be quite effective, since I have managed to dispose a lot of old bottles lying around and my flat now looks much tidier and more spacious. The only reason for my idiosyncratic drinking habits is that I like to drink fresh Lucozade rather than warm Lucozade, and all I need in this situation is just a small sip from a fresh new bottle which is enough to freshen up a dull old bottle. I have hence realised that freshness need not come in big bursts but in very small pulses, which are often enough to keep us going. This is indeed an accurate metaphor on my style of working, since even after long hours of labour I discover that I only need a very small burst of rejuvenation in the form of multitasking distraction, after which I am fit to go all out again. Unless something extraordinary happens to my system, I rarely need a long break, and most of the time a few minutes (or less) of punctuated refreshment is all I need, which is why I take a tiny cold sips of Lucozade and mix them with all the warm bottles lying around. Just a little push. Then I am done. Just like now. Back to work again.

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