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Meaning of numbers (23)

I went to the library today to return some books and I was anxious enough to make sure that I was carrying the ‘right’ number of items, not merely the library items which I was intending to return but also all the other bits and pieces which I wanted to add up to a ‘nice’ number. In addition to the two library books, therefore, I brought six 6 things with me, which made it eight 8, and I figured that after I had returned the two library loans I would end up with six 6 things, both very fine numbers. When I returned the two books, I realised that I probably should stay in the library for a while and take some books out, books that I had been wanting to take out for some time but had not had a chance to, and after returning those two books I discovered that I could still take five books out. I hence went on a search for five cool books and by the time I had checked them out I realised that I had eleven (6+5=11) things with me, another great number. It was pretty tiring carrying five heavy books back home from the library but when I got home I was in a pretty good mood musing over the numbers that I had just witnessed. I may have cheated slightly by making sure I had eight 8 things out when I left home, but the decision to stay behind and check five books out was entirely spontaneous and the resulting sum (eleven 11) totally incidental. Could this be a positive omen for a good day (or, better, week/month/year)? Let’s hope so. May we all fall on some good numbers in the remainder of 2018, and may all the numbers in our lives fall favourably on us in the coming months.

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