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Meaning of numbers (5)- failure > success

As mentioned in a previous post, there are two key numbers in our Chinese numerical superstition, namely the numbers four 4 (=’death’) and eight 8 (=’prosperity’). I also mentioned in other posts that it was possible to interpret such numbers in terms of their sequential positions. The numbers four 4 and eight 8, of course, have a very intimate relationship with each other, as eight 8 is a product of four 4. In terms of multiplication, therefore, all even multiples of four 4 are also multiples of eight 8. Think of it like this: every other multiple of four 4 is also a multiple of eight 8. To put it simply: fail twice, win once. It is an oft-cited dictum that success is the result of failure. It is only through repeated failures that we learn and ultimately achieve success. Two mishaps hence give rise to one success. That is how I think of it whenever I am having a bad day. I may be having a bad time now, but give it some time I’ll be propelled to victory. The numbers four 4 and eight 8 are hence highly significant and can be interpreted as having a motivational message. Don’t give up.

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